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sounds of dust

Project in collaboration with DS Smith, corrugated cardboard factory, based in Varnämo in Småland, Sweden. 
Exhibited in Vandalorum Museum in Varnämo within the exhibition Wasteland.

During the visit of the factory of DS Smith,  I’ve been really sensitive to the noisy soundscape produced by the machines.
This sound of modern industrial production can be seen as noise pollution for workers.

Coming from this warm, smelly and noisy environment, 58 000 tonnes of paper a year, and 10 tonnes of waste a day, reduced into dust.
How can this dust, which inspires quietness, softness, lightness and silence, come from an extreme soundscape like this ?
How can this invisible aesthetic of sound be translated through this waste, dead material ?

Could it be used as something to improve physical capacities and sensorial experience of listening, touching, feeling ?
By improving and amplifying our capacity to listen and to feel materials, to produce ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), I’ve worked around a material exploration with the paper dust as a main material, for sound making experimentation, to explore the mysterious quality of sound.

By giving a new resonance to materials, listen to them in detail with the 3D printed paper clay amplifiers, being focused on the sound produced by touching the different textures and shapes.
This mobile can remind the lightness of the dust, and invites you to listen to the whispers of materials.

Different textures, materials                           
and shapes to listen to by
touching the samples.                                      3D printed amplifiers in porcelain (fired paper clay).