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As a disposable object, a safety solution, a cheap resource, a game or a testimony of cultures, matches and their box are still used today to create something magic : fire.
With the matchbox as a starting point, I’ve decided to work around three perspectives.

What could happened in the future if there wasn’t any electricity, gas or technology anymore ? How could we make fire without those things that we depend on today ? How could we adapt ourselves, our activies and our tools to live as we always did ? What if we came back to basics and to the stone age through a dystopian future, by using our hands and natural elements to have a constant light, to light an open fire or candles and fireworks ?

Through these different handtools that can be useds like stones to strike to set the fire, from object to experience to change the perception of using fire by pressing a button, questioning what our relation with natural and natural elements could be in the future.

OUR RELATION TO FIRE How do we use fire and interact with ? In which situation ? For cooking, warming up, having a constant light, or for emotional contexts like the funeral. As something magic that we need and will always need, that we want to keep.

As a simple artefact, an everyday object that you could find in the kitchen as the matchbox has always been, being used for cooking or starting a discussion.

Sometimes used to burn or melt things, to make them disappear. As well as we use candles for the funeral, this different utilization of fire is here to melt in wax a picture or an object about someone who passed away and that you want to forget. As a way to turn the page, by freezing in time and in wax, saving this souvenir.  When you miss that person, you can melt the wax again and make the picture appear.

DEPENDENCE How are objects related to each other ? How the matches are related to their box ? Why are we so dependent to fire and excited to play with ?

Playing with matches by executing tricks is something inevitable when someone has matches in his hands.