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making fire

Fire allowed humans to move down from the trees. Fire allowed us to keep the cave warm and predators at bay. Fire allowed us to interact with each other and become social beings. Fire allowed us to refine weapons, tools and ustensils. Fire allowed us to transform nature for more efficient hunting and farming. Fire allowed us to cook food - and develop larger brains. Larger brains enabled even livelier discussions around the fire.

“After a natural disaster, you have to survive without any electricity, gas or technology, to cook, warm you up, have a light, feel safe. Within a group of survivors, going back to basics in the nature, you would need the knowledge to make fire to survive.”

How are people connected to fire ? What kind of movements do we make by trying to set a fire ? Using the whole body ? Using different tools to make fire ? What is surviving ? Who is in this group ?
Exploring interactions between human, fire, nature and space in this situation.
You are the real actor.
You have to get the knowledge